RELAXATION: 60 Min $70 | 90 Min $100
Long gliding strokes at the pressure that meets your needs to smooth your mind, body and spirit
THERAPEUTIC: 30 Min $45 | 60 MIN $70 | 90 Min $100   
Target areas with specific goals and timelines.  Various techniques are used at a pressure determined by the technique, area and plan not to exceed clients comfort.
Doterra Oils are applied to the feet, spine, neck, and ears in feather light repeating strokes designed to promote holistic wellness. Be ready to sleep well after this treatment.
REFLEXOLOGY: 30 Min $45 | 60 MIN $70
Pressure at reflex points on the feet signal the nervous system to stimulate a correlating organ and/or are in the body.  The stimulation encourages healthy function of internal organs and systems of the body.  Essential oils for specific needs and tuning forks can be added on for this treatment.

ONCOLOGY: 30 Min $45 | 60 MIN $70
Helps reduce the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments.  Touch is determined by health history and is to support the emotional, mental and physical needs during this time for both patients and caregivers.  Sleep, nausea, anxiety and pain has been shown to be positively affected during and post cancer treatments using gentle touch.  Sessions may include: hand or foot massage, head and shoulders massage, hold and stroke, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, cording relief, preventative lymphedema education and therapy after lymph node removal or damage, ROM and targeted relief for radiation poses, scar therapy, breast massage during expander and post reconstruction for suppleness and returned mobility.
THEAD, FACE & NECK: 30 Min $45 | 60 MIN $70
Cranial Sacral Movements on head, acupressure points on face, Positional Resistance Movements for neck and jaw, and lymphatic drainage are just some of the options for this area of the body.
60 Min $70
Includes abdominal massage, deep breathing and breast drainage upon permission.  Gentle rhythmic movement of the skin helps to increase the speed of your lymphatic system thus boosting immune system.
30 Min $45 | 60 Min $70
 For clients looking to maintain or reacquire a comfortable and functional limb in conjunction with their compression garments.  Should compression wrapping be necessary to fit back into original compression garments, all bandages and materials will be recommended by therapist and purchased by client.
THERAPY: 60 Min $70
Compression bandages maintain pressure on the lymphatic system while manually draining edema from a limb until it's reduced to functional size.  The limb is then fit for garments.  Through a combination of garments, manual drainage and bandages when necessary, the limb size is maintained.
Includes collection of comprehensive health history.  This information will guide the therapeutic plan starting point and any add-on treatments.
Need assistance in fine tuning your food plan? Our Massage Therapists Bachelor of Science in Nutrition is the foundation for offering support for clients that are looking for assistance in fine tuning a meal plan that has been challenging or to help educate you or your family on nutrition basics and vitamin supplements.  Nutritional evaluation form and food diary may be needed in advance.
CONSULTATION30 Min $45 | 60 MIN $65
Education by way of Doterra Therapeutic Grade Oils and/or personalized oil suggestions and instructions for usage.
Yoga is for all body types and all ages.  Learn poses and propose suggestions for your specific needs for a short home yoga routine.
For every aspect of life including: well being, anxiety, depression, relaxation or spiritual growth.
Learn your yearly themes and cycle experiences throughout your life.  Call 1 week ahead of appointment to provide your birthday and email.
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